Daniel Gericke, CHT

Secretary 2016-2018

Daniel Gericke, CHT DMTA LST CDI began his Hyperbaric career in 1988 with the South African Navy in Simonstown South Africa, where he achieved the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer and Navy Clearance Diving Instructor. For six years thereafter, Daniel directed the South African Navy Decompression Chamber Program where he began treating Hyperbaric Oxygen Patients, in addition to those with decompression injuries. In 1999, Daniel founded the first multi-place Hyperbaric Medical Center in a private hospital at Saint Augustines’ Durban, South Africa.

In 2004, a sister monoplace facility at Millpark’s Hyperbaric Medical Center in Johannesburg opened her doors under Daniel’s directorship. Daniel is a distinguished member of the South African Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Association and remains one of their Training Directors.

In 2006, Daniel moved to Bermuda where he served as Safety Director at the Bermuda Hospitals Board. The multi-place facility at King Edward Memorial Hospital achieved its first International Safety Accreditation in 2011, and under Daniel’s stewardship, and was listed as a Divers Alert Network Preferred Provider. With the support of The Divers Alert Network (DAN), Daniel worked to promote safe diving in this active community through workshops, lectures and pro bono training. This year, Daniel was awarded the honor of top 5 Instructor Trainers through DAN World.

At present, Daniel is the Safety and Technical Director for the Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre in Toronto.

In his spare time Daniel enjoys free diving, spear fishing and distance running.