Hello, I would like to let you know what attributes and experience I can bring for you and our organization. I am a Queen's grad (Meds '87), following which I have had wide experiences in the public service at the provincial and federal levels, where I continue to work, plus 34 years of military reserve and regular force experience. My diving career began while I was in the ranks, as a Ship's Diver, and after many (mostly cold water) dives, I finished family medicine at Mac, and took my commission as a medical officer, eventually becoming qualified in diving medicine at the basic and advanced levels. This all was, I cannot help thinking, for a purpose: I was sent to Haiti in 2010 as the initial Canadian medical platoon commander, and as the sole MD in the country who could medically supervise a chamber, temporarily was attached to an American dive ship to treat a Haitian fisherman who had had severe neurological decompression sickness for over a week. After several days of treatment, he was continent and able to walk again, so that he could continue to provide for his young family. The compassion and dedication of the ship's crew and divers was amazing. It is teamwork such as this that can make such big differences, as I have learned through progressive levels of responsibility in the organizations where I have served. I hope to bring ideas, discussion, and practical results for CUHMA as a director, and look forward to meeting you in Quebec, where I am happy to talk with you either of Canada's official languages.

Two things I would bring to CUHMA as a board member:

Firstly, I would ask how we could make our organization relevant and helpful for our members. There are many organizations out there and we need to demonstrate why CUHMA deserves to attract a member who is going to see the reason for being part of this special diving community in Canada. This involves not just getting names and addresses, but engagement of all members to the level that satisfies their needs. Secondly, keeping pace with the practical day to day problems that the CUHMA diving community faces’, and promoting a forum where solutions are found that make our days in the diving world interesting and fun again. We, as CUHMA members, need to keep sight of why we became involved in diving in the first place.