Ron Linden, MD

Director-at-Large 2016-2018

Ron Linden co-founded the CC UHMS with Dr. Ken Ledez.

Ron was originally a family physician. He took up scuba diving in the 80’s, met with the staff of Seneca College’s Underwater Skills, Commercial Diving Program, which led to meetings with DCIEM, now the DRDC and his subsequent completion of the Physician Training course by NOAA and UHMS in the United States in 1987. He joined the UHN (Toronto General Hospital’s) Hyperbaric Unit in 1988, was mentored by Dr Hal Koch and works there, providing emergency hyperbaric treatments.

Dr. Linden is active in the recreational and commercial diving world, has written numerous articles, presented many lectures and is a consultant to sport and industry.

For many years, he lobbied the Ontario Ministry of Health to expand and fund hyperbaric treatment for wound care. Although he was successful in convincing the government in 2003, after the provincial election in 2004, funding was cancelled by the new government.

Rather than rely on the government, he founded Ontario Wound Care Inc, a federally registered charitable foundation and raised funds for the creation of a hyperbaric wound care centre. The Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre opened in 2007 with 3 monoplace chambers and Ron committed himself to full time hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

Skeptics, who had expected the centre to run out of funds within 6 months and close, were surprised when one year later; the centre expanded and added 3 more chambers. The centre is one of the largest in Canada, treating 24 – 30 patients per day and its operational expenses are supported by charitable donations. The Centre has actively participated in research studies.