Ron Linden, MD, CCFP


Hyperbaric and diving medicine practice for three decades, medical consultant for commercial dive programs. Conducts fitness to dive assessments for recreational, commercial and police divers. Former Chair of the Canadian Standards Association committee on diving and hyperbaric medicine.

1987: Completed the UHMS/NOAA physician training course. Served on board, Great Lakes Chapter UHMS, including two terms as president.

2005: Founded Ontario Wound Care Inc., a federally registered charity, raising funds to provide HBO and advanced wound care.

2007: Established the Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre in a Toronto hospital to provide hyperbaric oxygen for UHMS approved conditions.

2010: Co-founder of the Canadian Chapter UHMS (now Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association).

2012-2014: Second President of CC UHMS.

2009-2018: Investigator with Princess Margaret Hospital in development of Moleculite imaging camera, now used internationally for wound care.

2007-2012: Investigator, providing all patients, HBO and wound care in Toronto study on HBO for diabetic foot ulcers. Study report and subsequent publication claimed no benefit from HBO and 50% of patients were amputated or met study's (unvalidated) criteria for amputation at interim 12-week outcome. One-year outcomes not reported.

2013: Dissented with report. Reviewed study data and documented multiple protocol violations, lack of REB approval for primary outcome measure, forgery and limbs completely healed, reported as amputated. Presented an abstract at the UHMS ASM.

2013-2018: Has worked tirelessly to expose the false and misleading Toronto diabetic foot ulcer study. His persistent efforts led to the Government of Ontario abandoning its own proposal to delist HBO for DFU.

2014-2018: CUHMA board member, chaired the accreditation committee to develop the CUHMA accreditation program. Assisted with development of the credentialing program and standards of practice.

2018: Elected as Vice President, UHMS.

What are the 3 most important initiatives you would like to champion as a CUHMA BOD member?

1) As Vice President UHMS, I am responsible for international relations with other hyperbaric scientific societies. As a Director-at-Large on the CUHMA Board, I will endeavor to increase collaboration of CUHMA with other societies.

2) Work with the regulatory colleges and government agencies for acceptance and implementation of the CUHMA accreditation program.

3) Encourage more frequent BOD meetings. In the past we have had fewer meetings and tried to accomplish too much at one time. With more frequent meetings, we should aim to cover a couple or even one topic, in much more depth, focusing on committee work.