Ron Nishi, MSc

Director-at-Large 2016-2018

Ron Nishi has a Bachelor and Master of Applied Science in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia (1960, 1962). At Defence Research and Development Canada – Toronto (formerly DCIEM, Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine) since 1969, his research was primarily on decompression safety, including decompression modeling, dive computers, use of ultrasound to detect bubbles in divers to assess the safety of dive schedules, and development and validation of dive procedures and tables for all diving tables currently in use by the Canadian Forces and the DCIEM Diving Tables. His other work includes testing of safe decompression procedures for astronauts for the Canadian Space Agency and NASA.

After retirement in 2006, he was a part-time consultant to DRDC Toronto for a number of years on table development, experimental diving, and decompression requirements for CF treatment table attendants. He is a member of the Work in Compressed Air Environments Sub-committee of the Canadian Standards Association. He was a founding member of the Great Lakes Chapter of the UHMS (1980-2010) and is an Emeritus Member of the UHMS. He has received a number of awards for his work, including the Albert Behnke, Jr. Award from the UHMS in 1998, and more recently, the DAN Asia-Pacific Contribution to Dive Safety Award in 2012 and the Technical Excellence Award for 2014 from the Divers Certification Board of Canada.