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Ken LeDez, MD, MB, ChB, FRCPC

Ken LeDez

Kenneth M. LeDez, MB, ChB, FRCPC


The role of the Vice-President is to assist the President and the Board as needed and directed. In the event that the President is unavailable for any reason the VP must also be prepared to fulfill the responsibilities of the President. As a founder and the first President of our organization I am well prepared and ready to assist as VP and to support the leadership of the incoming elected President, Rita Katznelson. Some brief information about me:

  • Associate Professor, Memorial University, NL
  • Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine Service Staff Anesthesiologist, Eastern Health
  • Chair, Hyperbaric Medicine Specialty Committee, Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada, and with strong support from the committee led the successful effort to reform the Royal College AFC Diploma system to ensure equal and fair recognition of family physicians
  • Editor and lead author CUHMA standards of practice guidelines
  • Medical coverage of offshore saturation diving since 1992
  • Former Vice-President of the UHMS
  • CSA and ISO standards committees
  • Multiple book chapters and peer-reviewed publications
  • Co-author of book "Gas bubble dynamics in the human body" (Elsevier)
  • HETS and HEPS course faculty – hyperbaric simulation courses
  • Initiated and contributed to CUHMA response to COVID pandemic