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Our origins were as an international chapter of our parent organization, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). UHMS, under guidance from their federal government, decided that international chapters had to be changed to independent affiliated organizations. During our October 2015 meeting we officially launched our new identity as the Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association (CUHMA) / Association Canadienne de Médecine Hyperbare et Subaquatique (ACMHS). We continue to work in close collaboration with the UHMS and other international hyperbaric and diving medicine organizations.

View the CUHMA Bylaws.

For more information on how you can join this truly Canadian hyperbaric and diving medicine community, visit our Membership Page. Membership dues can be paid by credit card via our e-commerce shop. All credit card transactions are securely encrypted and processed by the industry leading Stripe payment gateway.

Note: Memberships run for one calendar year, starting from date of receiving your application. 

Objectives of CUHMA

  1. To be recognized by, and function as the national hyperbaric medical society in Canada in a manner compatible with applicable Canadian laws and regulations pertaining to non-for-profit medical societies
  2. To be recognized and function as the national specialty organization for hyperbaric physicians in Canada
  3. To be recognized and function as a national organization for other health care and technical professionals involved in hyperbaric treatment and diving research and activities, and a forum for such professionals to interact and work with diving and hyperbaric medicine physicians to further the goals of CUHMA.
  4. To promote membership in CUHMA and any affiliated organizations.
  5. To promote scientific and clinical excellence in hyperbaric and diving medicine and the availability of high quality, safe, effective and appropriate hyperbaric medical care by:
    1. Developing, establishing and providing accreditation programs for hyperbaric treatment facilities
    2. Fostering and participating in scientific research related to hyperbaric and diving medicine, undersea and altered pressure environments
    3. Promoting awareness and understanding amongst physicians, other health care professionals and the public about the appropriate indications for hyperbaric treatment
    4. Developing, providing or supporting education, training, certification and credentialing programs for physicians, scientists, health care professionals and technical personnel related to hyperbaric and diving medical care
    5. Developing, promulgating and encouraging compliance with professional guidelines and standards of care related to hyperbaric treatment and diving medicine
  6. To provide a forum for communication among individuals and groups involved in life sciences and other disciplines concerned with:
    1. Basic and applied studies related to human factors aspects of the underwater and hyperbaric environments
    2. Extending human activity and safety in these environments
    3. Promoting public information concerning the problems and achievements in use of these environments
  7. To provide a forum for Canada-wide and international cooperation of different disciplines to achieve the above objectives of CUHMA.