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By joining CUHMA, you will help support our work to further hyperbaric medicine in Canada. To set standards of care and training, we are working with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association), Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, WorkSafeBC and others. As well, we have started on a facility accreditation process.

Your membership will give you discounts for our Annual Scientific Meeting and a 50% discount on membership with the UHMS. Have a look below, choose the appropriate category and support the Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association.

Before joining please view our Bylaws.

Membership Levels

Regular Member


Membership Criteria: Regular Members of the Society shall be physicians or doctorate level health care professionals (MD, DO, PhD, DPM, DDS, or equivalent).

This category will include those Associates waived by the BOD as exceptional cases.

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Associate Member


Membership Criteria: Hyperbaric technicians, nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, undergraduate students, diving supervisors, certified scuba instructors, or other hyperbaric or diving personnel with specialized technical or research backgrounds who do not possess the academic background for Regular Membership.

Regular Members (retired) who are 65 or older and are not working can also fall under this category, however they will not have voting rights.

Associate Members have restrictions on voting and eligibility to hold office.

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Membership Criteria: Out of country membership for members of Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, European Undersea & Baromedical Society & South Pacific Undersea Medical Society.

Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote or to hold office.

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Membership Criteria: Any full-time student in a Post Secondary Institution.

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Group Memberships: You must have at least 5 members (including the primary contact) to qualify for discounted rates. Once you have the correct number, the system will automatically apply the following rates:

Regular - $100/yr
Associate - $50/yr
Affiliate members - $50/yr

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