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CUHMA 2021 ASM Abstract Submissions

Complete the below to submit an ASM Abstract for presentation consideration at the November 2021 Conference.

Deadline for submissions: EXTENDED 
September 27th 2021, 8.00am EST.


Use the below submission form to upload your Abstract.
Please read the following Abstract submission requirement and ensure all figures/tables are included in your Abstract document:

1. Abstracts should be maximum 300 words.
2. The abstract should conform to the following structures:

a. For original research: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion
b. For case reports: Introduction, Case Description, Discussion

3. Each abstract must indicate approval by the named appropriate Research Ethics Committee for original studies if required, or written consent for case reports if this is required.
4. A maximum of 5 references may be included in the abstract.
5. Please indicate your preference for presentation on Saturday November 13 or Sunday November 14. Abstracts will be presented during the last session of the meeting each day.
6. Please indicate which author will be presenting or if no author will be available to present.
7. Please indicate if the abstract has also been accepted or presented at another meeting (such abstracts are still eligible).
8. The abstract may include up to 2 figures or tables.
9. Authors must submit a completed Conflict Of Interest form at the same time as the abstract.