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Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre


Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre

The Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre was opened in 2007 by Dr. Ron Linden at North York General Hospital’s Branson site.The goal was to provide hyperbaric oxygen treatment, state-of-the-art technology and the advanced wound care therapy. The Centre’s capital and operating expenses are funded by Ontario Wound Care Inc., a federally registered charity, founded by Dr. Linden.Physician’s services are covered by provincial health care and patients are not charged for treatment.

With six physicians, seven Certified Hyperbaric Technologists, one office manager and nine monoplace hyperbaric chambers, the Centre treats conditions approved by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society and Health Canada.During the past eleven years of operation and working in collaboration with a network of vascular, orthopedic, ENT, oral and plastic surgeons, internists, pedorthists, Diabetic Education Services and wound care nurses, patients have been treated with:

  • Selected Problem Wounds
  • Refractory Osteomyelitis
  • Compromised Grafts & Flaps
  • Delayed Radiation Injuries
  • Crush Injuries/Compartment Syndrome
  • Decompression Sickness
  • Sudden Hearing Loss

Success rate in treating patients with wounds and osteomyelitis is greater than 75%.Success in treating patients with delayed radiation injuries and other conditions is greater than 90%.

The Centre’s advanced wound care utilizes:

  • Digital photographic wound documentation
  • In chamber transcutaneous oximetry
  • Laser thermography
  • Laser Doppler Measurements
  • MolecuLight imaging
  • Infra-red imaging
  • Laser digital wound measurement
  • Ultrasonic debridement

The Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre is also a centre for diving medicine (established 1993) and provides treatment for dive injuries, which are covered by provincial health care and patients are not charged for treatment.

Medical fitness to dive and diver certification for recreational, commercial, professional and police divers is also provided, however these services are not covered by provincial health care and patients are charged for these services.

Current Research:

  • Studies with Princess Margaret Hospital on MolecuLight, a new digital imaging instrument that detects and identifies the presence of bacteria on wounds.
  • REB approved clinical case study on the use of HBOT for chronic Lyme Disease.


For a fee, the Centre provides onsite teaching for:

  • Hyperbaric medicine and advanced wound care to health care professionals
  • Seneca College’s Underwater Skills, Diver Medic Program


The Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre


Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
(formerly the North York Branson Hospital)
555 Finch Avenue West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M2R 1N5
Emergency 24/7 : NO
Chamber : (416) 223-6600

Medical Director

Dr. Ron Linden

Technical Details

  • 9 Monoplace hyperbaric chambers (3 ATA)
  • UHMS & Health Canada indications
  • Diving accidents: Yes
  • Research: Yes